How Music Helps Sick Children

Numerous studies show that music has quite a dramatic effect on the emotions and the way that people feel. Think about the impact that loud music has on an individual. Think about the impact that calm, and soothing music might have on a baby. Health experts find that music helps to support the well being of sick children in a very dramatic way. Now, many hospitals are encouraged to use music therapy to treat sick children.
One health professional noticed that the kids at their hospital experienced a lot of separation anxiety along with pain due to illness or operations. The kids were not responding well to the assigned medical staff and were not communicating. Some of the kids could not move, talk, or respond in a normal way. One of the medical staff decided to try something new, introduce music into the patient's rooms. Surprisingly, the music seemed to reach them in a way that the medical staff could not. The music caught their attention. They responded to the sounds and reacted to the music. The music seemed to reduce anxiety, create playful moods,  and bring a new calmness to the kids. Medical experts also discovered that the music helped a lot of the kids to handle their pain more effectively.
Music Provides Stimulation
Many of the sick children were trapped in their beds. They could not walk or even talk to others. The music provided the necessary stimulation to their minds and body required to help them feel better and their health to improve. The music did not have to be complicated. It could be a simple nursery rhyme or soothing lullaby.

Event Ideas for Fund Raising

When a person is looking to host a fundraising event they want something that is of interest to people. They want people to come to this event and have a good time. There are some event ideas fr fundraising that will be a success.
Golf Tournament
              This fundraiser will allow people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. A local golf course can be used and the tickets can be at a reduced price. Many golf courses are willing to do and a portion of the profit will go to the fundraising company. People can even donate items such as balls and drinks to help with this event.
Walk/ Run
              A 5k walk run is a popular event for fundraising. There is a sign up fee for all participants and will appeal to those that are into fitness or just want to get outside and enjoy the course. There is little out of pocket expense and there is a chance to make a nice profit due to this fundraising effort.
              These are just some of the fundraising event ideas that an organization can hold to raise money for their cause.  These events will attract people and will help raise money. .